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frollo esmeralda fanfic.
          Placed in the year 1482
Aimer Votre Ennemi (Love Your Enemy)
"Choose me…or the fire," said a deep registered voice from a gaunt, tall man with sharp facial features that almost resembled knives.
The man was holding a torch in front of a gypsy girl about the age of 16 by the name of Esmeralda. She was tied to a stake in front of a huge audience to see her execution, where she wore a white dress made of bad quality cotton. The man was a court official, a judge, and he was well associated with the Notre Dame Cathedral which made him a very religious man. He was the most powerful man in Paris and everybody knew it. He wore a long back judge robe with some red and purple that was made from the finest cloth, he also wore a hat that was of triangular shape and also had the same colors. His name was Claude Frollo and he was 36, but he had silver hair and his facial features made him look like he was in his 50's.
"You," the girl s
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8. You go/went to 'shool'.
9. You've grabbed your jacket/hoodie/shirttail, held it up to your face and swiftly backed out of a room.
10. You like to prop your collar up on all your jackets and shirts.
11. You've googled "baby seal leather boots" to see if they're real.
12. You just tried to/are going to google it XD
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Artist | Traditional Art
United States
Favourite genre of music: comedy/rock
Favourite style of art: animation/character art
Favourite cartoon character: Judge Claude Frollo
  • Listening to: The Who's Tommy- Tommy's Holiday Camp Paul Kandel
  • Reading: RumBelle fanfiction
  • Watching: whatever is on my computer screen
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts DDD
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water
ok! so! I don't think anybody will read this, but that's ok I am doing it for myself XD

I pretty much never wanted to do another journal entry ever because i liked the fact that I posted it on Weird Al's b-day in 2010. I don't celebrate, but he's 53 and I felt like saying something today specifically because it's Weird Al (awesome!!) and because I guess it can be a 'tradition' to (at least on this account) post on his b-day?

Anyway. I'm a sentimental freak and was like 'what the heck?" I'm gonna do it XD

Also for no apparent reason, besides that I myself will probably read this in a couple years....

My hardcore obsession besides Frollo is Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time, yep fangirling so hard right now. So future self, remember that, this is a journal after all XD RumBelle for the win

(oh God my middle name is Belle * squeals like an idiot* (more like a dying animal?) sorry haven't done a squee post in awhile)

geez i feel weird, hope nobody reads this O.e haha jk if you have! i hope you manage to not give up on humanity by the strange people in this world.... anyway

Did I mention I'm going to disneyland in 3 days? AND gonna meet Frollo? and see hopefully my favorite cast members (Jaime, Michael, Lenny, Maynard) and see the glorious hillbillies? not to mention I'm gonna get an awesome haircut tomorrow.

hello! life is good squeeeee!!!!

mood is obsessed and very sentimental XD

Good day peoples!! XD


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xClaudeFrollosGirlx Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012   Traditional Artist
I took measurements of how big i wanted to make it, make sure the back of it makes that triangular shape XD and i literally drew a triangle so it looked like a full triangle but i divided it in half both ways. I took a beanie and pinned the fabric to the beanie to see if it would work and made alterations accordingly XD
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oh :( I i hope you feel better! i hate days like that i wish they didn't come around as much as they do for both of our sakes :( i wish you a happy day!
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